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15.2 Edition of Slot Card Guide Now Available

I just posted the latest release of the Slot Card Guide on the website:

The new 15.2 Edition lists 22,943 cards with over 500 pages of information. That represents about a 130 card increase since the April 15.2 Edition so you can tell things have slowed down from the virus. We usually get about 250-350+ new additions every 3 months but this quarter was pretty slow with most of the casinos closed.

Don't forget that donations are always welcome to help cover web hosting and miscellaneous costs of keeping the guide going and I've been sharing a portion of all donations with David Spragg to help with the costs of this bulletin board. There's a Donate button on the website to make things easier. Special thanks to all those who have helped in the past as well as all those who have been submitting slot card information for the guides.

And don't forget the reference website I created a few months ago where we can collect slot card information resources. If you have anything to add or want to add your personal website, eBay sales, etc. added just let me know.

Personally I now have over 19,700 cards from those listed, representing about 86% coverage. I'm down to about 3,200 cards I'm still looking for from those currently known.

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