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Over 125 Russian Slot Cards Available

While going through this massive collection I acquired some time ago I just discovered a large pile of Russian slot cards and most I already had in my collection. So they're all now listed on my Delcampe store, most at $10 each but I'm open to offers if we deal direct.

Here's a link to the list of all the Russian cards currently available.

And by the way, I just added about 20+ more rare slot cards to my eBay listings including an Ichabod 2nd issue and more...

There's almost 13,000 slot cards listed on my Delcampe store along with over 2,200 hotel room key cards, tons of paper items and more. Links to other listings and resources are below.

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Over 125 Russian Slot Cards Available
Just added another 9 or 10 Russian Cards

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