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Just my way of providing a virtual show of cards!

Beings the Cleveland and Las Vegas shows were cancelled I've been trying to list a lot of what I was planning on taking to the shows on eBay. I've been concentrating on the rarer cards over the last week or two while eBay has been offering hundreds of extra free listings while everyone is home. I had been planning on taking 30,000 common cards plus all my rare and foreign doubles to the Cleveland show and then taking what was left of the rare and foreign cards to Las Vegas. If there's anything specific you've been looking for just let me know. I have over 300,000 cards here now with more coming. The listings on Delcampe just continue to grow week by week as I continue to dig my way through the pile of cards here that I still haven't check against my own collection before they go into the doubles pile.

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Just posted a selection of Russian Cards on Ebay
Now Adding a Bunch of Montana Cards
Just my way of providing a virtual show of cards!

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