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I also have hotel room keys listed on Delcampe

Besides the thousands of slot cards I always have listed on Delcampe I also have almost 1,300 casino hotel room key cards currently listed even though I don't collect them. I keep getting tons of room key cards included with a lot of the slot card collections that I acquire from time to time. So they're all listed with fixed prices and I can deal direct, you do not have to go through Delcampe.

Here's the link to the list showing just the casino room key cards

If you want to see all the room key cards just delete the "casino" from the search box of use this direct link

There are direct links to various Delcampe listings on my original website at

If you need help finding anything I can generate custom searches and email a link.

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I also have hotel room keys listed on Delcampe
And now about 50+ keys on eBay

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