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Extra! Only 9 days Left to Send 2019 OTY Nominations

Hello Everyone,

We only have 9 more days for you to send me your nominations for your favorite casino items of 2019 to be considered for this year’s CCA OTY Contest. The nomination deadline is getting closer on 3/31! There are lot of folks in quarantine now, I know I am. I have done a ton of house work! I need something else to do besides chores, help me out and send me a quick email and I'll count your nominations!

Everyone should have the latest Casino Collectibles News magazine in hand by now. On page 36, you will find my latest OTY article with helpful instructions on locating eligible items on the Chip Guide & Silver Striker’s websites that you can select for your nominations. I will also post some pictures of chips released in 2019 in the trail of this post that were put together by our fellow Member, Paul Schaffer.

Our 4 OTY Nomination categories are:

1. Chip of the Year
2. Token of the Year (This is on hiatus at the moment)
3. CCA Silver Strike of the Year (The Silver Striker’s Club holds a separate contest)
4. Slot Card/Room Key of the Year

You may submit your nominations via email or mail.

Please email your nominations to or

My address is:
Trey Warren
12916 Steadman Farms Dr.
Keller, TX. 76244

You must provide the Casino name, denomination (if it applies), a description, the city/locale, & the state/country that the item was released in. If you want to help me you can also include a picture if you send your nominations via email.
Also, the items that you submit had to be released in a casino in 2019. Any items released in 2020 will not be considered and will have to be resubmitted for consideration for next year's contest.

I appreciate all of our Members who have sent me their nominations so far! I hope that everyone is staying safe.

Trey Warren
CCA OTY Chairman

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Extra! Only 9 days Left to Send 2019 OTY Nominations
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