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Extra! The ccgtcc Raffle REALLY Needs your support !

The Club can REALLY use your help and support in this effort !!!!

The Annual raffle is a HUGE part of our convention fundraising process and we are way behind in selling tickets.

Sales so far are down substantially from previous years.

Remember you don't have to be present to win and we will mail winning packages to the winners if they dont attend the convention.

Those that do attend can pick the package they want when their name is called.

I expect to have somewhere between 5-10 packages this year with each one being valued in the range of $500 and including some great stuff with at least one item worth $100 or more alone in each package.

To date we have sold only 82 tickets and I will try and reach a goal of 400-500 as in the past.

Dont forget about the "SPECIAL" pre convention purchase where you get 3 extra tickets per $100 in purchases.

Read all about how to purchase tickets or make donations at the following link:

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Extra! The ccgtcc Raffle REALLY Needs your support !
What can you win ??????
Prices right now are a STEAL !!!!!!
Dont want to mail a check ??? Send me an email

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