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Harrah's Doubles Updated on Delcampe & My Website

I finally made time to clean up the pile of Harrah's doubles I've just been throwing in boxes for the past year or two. Plus I finally got back all the Harrah's cards I've had out on loan for trades. Most of the cards were acquired from different collection purchases over the past few years so there's a big assortment of cards. In all, I just added over 120 new Harrah's cards on my Delcampe store. My Delcampe listings should now be totally up to date with everything I currently have available in my doubles after the hundreds of new additions over the past week or two. There's almost 13,000 different slot cards listed now on Delcampe while I actually have well over 120,000 doubles.

I also updated all the player number prefixes I have available for each Harrah's card and have that information listed on the Harrah's page on my trading website ( ). You'll see a generic scan of each card with a list of what prefixes are available for that card listed under the scan. The cards are grouped by card design and listed in chronological order. The web page with the prefix lists is large so it may time some time to load in your browser. Any location specific or rarer cards are simply listed on the Delcampe store where they can be easily searched.

If you need help, or are looking for anything specific, just let me know. I can generate custom searches for my Delcampe store and email a link you can use whenever you want to check what's listed or anything has been added later on. Don't forget you don't need a Delcampe account, we can deal direct for anything listed.

If you're going to the Cleveland show, I'm planning on bringing over 30,000 slot cards!!!! I'll also have a table at the convention in Las Vegas (the Slot Card Exchange) where I'll have one of each of my rare and foreign slot card doubles available.

Links for my Delcampe store are below.

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Harrah's Doubles Updated on Delcampe & My Website
Is anyone else still collecting Harrah's Prefixes?

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