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Extra! Time to Send Your 2019 CCA OTY Nominations!

Hello Fellow CCA Members,

There are just 3 weeks left to nominate your favorite casino items of 2019 for the CCA OTY Contest! As a reminder, the nomination deadline was extended to 3/31.

Our 4 OTY Nomination categories are:
1. Chip of the Year
2. Token of the Year (This is on hiatus at the moment)
3. CCA Silver Strike of the Year (The Silver Striker’s Club holds a separate contest)
4. Slot Card/Room Key of the Year

You may submit your nominations via email or mail.

Please email your nominations to or

My address is:
Trey Warren
12916 Steadman Farms Dr.
Keller, TX. 76244

You must provide the Casino name, denomination (if it applies), a description, the city/locale, & the state/country that the item was released in. If you want to help me you can also include a picture if you send your nominations via email.
Also, the items that you submit had to be released in a casino in 2019. Any items released in 2020 will not be considered and will have to be resubmitted for consideration for next year's contest.

I know that all of our Members have a few favorite pieces from the past year and I encourage you to nominate them! Someone else may not do it and your prized picks from 2019 may not make it into the finals to vote on! Just shoot me a quick email and I'll count your vote! I hope that you are excited to participate and look forward to sharing our finalists with you!

Trey Warren
CCA OTY Chairman

Copyright 2017 David Spragg