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Landmark VIP GOLD CARD Available!!!

There are supposedly only 3 known copies of this card in collector hands and I now have two so I would consider selling my extra card if anyone is interested enough to make a serious offer. The card is listed at $750 in the guide but according to info in the Slot Card Guide from Pat Lamb, the last time one of these cards sold on eBay it went for $1,085 which was the highest price ever paid for a slot card.

By the way, I have several thousand rare slot card doubles with over 1,000 different rarer cards currently listed on Delcampe (see links below). Plus I just acquired a large collection of very rare cards so I will most likely have more rarer doubles available in the coming weeks. I'm planning on having a table at the convention and bringing several binders full of my rarer doubles but mostly likely only one or two of each card. I may also have the cards at the Cleveland show if it's in April again.

Here's scans of the gold Landmark card that I have available....

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Landmark VIP GOLD CARD Available!!!
Vertical Lines in Scans Are From My Scanner
Low listed on eBay - 7 day auction

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