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15th Edition of the Slot Card Guide Now Available

I just finalized and uploaded the latest edition of the Slot Card Guide, now the start of the 15th Edition. This marks the 10th year I've been publishing the guide since taking over from Pat Lamb in 2010. This edition adds about 250 more cards since the last release with over 22,610 cards listed in this edition. We seem to stay around the normal average of about 1,000 new cards a year.

As usual, the guide is available as a FREE download from the website ( ) with both Microsoft Word (docx) and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) formats available. Both versions offer hot links from each card, casino and state/province/country to the corresponding listing or scans on the website. The Word file is about 4MB in size while the Acrobat file is about 12MB in size.

The web hosting fees have increased slightly this year and it's now costing about $10+ per month to host the website to make the files available. So any donations to help cover that cost would be great appreciated and I've been sharing a portion of any donations with Dave Spragg to help with the costs of the BBS as well.

For what it's worth, I'm somehow still holding about 86% coverage of all the listed cards with my own collection. I'm currently missing about 3,200 cards from the 22,610+ listed. All of the cards I'm missing are currently marked in My Collection on the ChipGuide if anyone can help fill in any missing holes.

Thanks to everyone for their continuing contributions to help keep the guide up to date as best we can. Without all the great help it would be an impossible task trying to keep up with all the continuing releases of new cards.

All the best in the coming year and happy hunting!

Copyright 2017 David Spragg