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Reduced prices on all rarer slot card doubles

I have all of my rarer slot card doubles listed on Delcampe with prices marked around 30-40% off the catalog prices. If there's anything you want I'm willing to sell any of my rarer cards at 50% off the catalog prices if you deal direct with me instead of buying through Delcampe. If you buy 3 or more rarer cards together I'll pay for shipping and insurance.

Here's a link to my rarer cards currently listed:

If you leave the [RSC] in the Delcampe search field you can add a casino name or location if you want to narrow down the Delcampe search. There are currently over 900 rarer cards listed but I have another 200-300 rarer doubles to check what else needs to be listed as soon as I have time. I'm hoping to get those added in the next week or two. Plus I have tons of more cards coming!

If there's anything of interest, copy the web page address (URL) for each item and past them into the body of an email. That way I'll have a link I can click to see exactly what card you're interested in.

If you're looking for anything specific, just let me know.

By the way, I currently have over 12,000 different slot cards listed on Delcampe and I'm adding new cards every few days. Here's a link to the main slot card listings:

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