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New Found Affinity Gaming Red Heart Card

Just discovered a new Affinity Gaming card with the red heart, same front design and reverse casino listings as the currently listed 5th issue card -BUT- on the original cards the first line of text on the back starts with "This card...." while on this card it starts with "The A-Play Club Card..." and the 3rd line of text mentions Affinity Gaming Black Hawk LLC. Turns out we had something similar that was listed as the 6th and 7th issue cards that had similar reverses. So to better document the cards I reorganized them as 5a, 5b, 6a and 6b issues so it seems to make more sense now with the 5a and 6a issues have the generic Affinity Gaming and then 5b and 6b issues having the Affinity Gaming Black Hawk. The changes on the ChipGuide will show up in the next day or two, and in the Slot Card Guide in the next release January 1st.

Here's scans of the new found card that was not previously listed...

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New Found Affinity Gaming Red Heart Card
Also the Club, Diamond & Spade cards

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