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for sale Slot Cards & TITOs on eBay

I don't usually list much on eBay these days but I went ahead and listed a number of rarer slot cards plus a major TITO collection on eBay. Some sales end this Thursday and the rest were just listed today with a week till close. Most are marked down 50-60% from catalog values. If you want to avoid the auction hassles, make me an offer. Whatever doesn't sell will be moved over to my Delcampe store.

Here's a link to the eBay sales:

Don't forget that I have over 12,000 slot cards always listed on Delcampe and you don't need to buy via Delcampe, we can deal direct if you email me. Most rarer cards are marked down and if you're interested in multiple items I'm sure we can work out a deal. Plus I'm always interested in trades as well. Links to my store and personal website are in the links at the bottom of any of my postings.

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