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Extra! AWESOME 2020 CCA Raffle Donation #4

Today's HUGE donation comes from another long time regular donor to the raffle and although I REALLY wish he would allow me to give him proper credit on the boards, he wishes to be known as "A Friend of the Club"

Once again as he has done in the past numerous years, he has donated $500 to the raffle to be used for 5 - $100 South Point Gift Cards.

Not staying at the South Point or even coming to the convention ???? Dont worry as anyone who wants cash instead, I would gladly exchange their certificate for cash.

Look for more posts in the coming weeks as I have several already in hand and more are sure to come in soon.

For more information on the 2020 Raffle and how you can donate or purchase tickets, please see this link:

Thanks Friend of the club !!!!!!

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Extra! AWESOME 2020 CCA Raffle Donation #4
Thank You "Friend Of The Club" !!!!!

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