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Extra! AWESOME 2020 CCA Raffle Donation #3

Today's HUGE donation comes from a long time regular donor to the raffle and slot card specialist, Robert Baker

Robert has donated over 3,500 Slot cards from all over. While it would take me FOREVER to scan them all I can tell you there are some very nice early issues in the group and there will be some very happy winners.

In addition to all the great cards, Bob has donated one of the largest group of bungee clips I have ever seen which to be honest is pretty darn cool. He has also donated a large group of Pens, magnets, Casino logo metal clips and some other misc items.

Look for more posts in the coming weeks as I have several already in hand and more are sure to come in soon.

For more information on the 2020 Raffle and how you can donate or purchase tickets, please see this link:

Thanks Robert Baker !!!!!!

For pics of today's donation, please see this link:

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Extra! AWESOME 2020 CCA Raffle Donation #3
Thanks Robert Baker !!!!
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