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Latest Slot Card Guide 14.3 Edition on Website

I just finished uploading the latest edition of the Slot Card Guide to the website and it's now available for download. This edition lists over 22,360 cards which represents about a 260 card increase since the last release in July. The guide is now 498 pages in length and still growing. Thanks for all the ChipGuide slot card submissions or your emails directly to me with new card information. Without everyone's help it would be impossible to keep this guide up to date. Any donations to help cover expenses for the website, etc. are greatly appreciated and I'm still trying to share any donations with David Spragg to help cover his expenses with the slotcardbbs.

The latest Slot Card Guide is available at:

For what it's worth, my collection includes 19,160 of all the known cards representing about 86% coverage world wide. My total collection includes well over 80,000 cards when you take into account all the many variations that I actually save of each card. I have well over 100,000 doubles and now have ALL of my doubles listed on my Delcampe store with over 12,000 cards and misc. items currently listed. Listed prices are usually discounted from the guide prices but not hard and fast, I'm always open to offers and trades. If you see anything you need we can always trade or deal direct, you do NOT need a Delcampe account if you email me direct. I can even generate custom searches on Delcampe and email you a link to that search. So if you're looking for anything specific just let me know and hopefully I can help narrow down what you're looking for.

Here's a direct link to my slot card listings, latest additions are usually shown first:

You'll also find additional links for other casino and non-casino related items listed on my Delcampe store listed on my former trading website:

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