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Slot Card Guide Cleanup Nearing Completion

While going through my collection and marking my MC & WL flags on the ChipGuide I'm double checking the CG#s on every listing in the Slot Card Guide, checking the ChipGuide listing info & sort order and doing general cleanup to those listings as needed. I've completed everything but the Nevada listings since I knew there was a lot of work to do there and I'm about 40% through those. If you get the daily email from the ChipGuide showing changes and additions you've already seen a ton of those changes coming through. I'm hoping to get it all done before the convention so it will be ready for the next Slot Card Guide release around July 1st.

As usual, if you come across any bad CG# links in the Slot Card Guide or see any bad slot card reference links (those yellow bands) on the ChipGuide, etc. please let me know and I'll get them fixed.

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Slot Card Guide Cleanup Nearing Completion
Everything is now DONE!!!

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