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Greg Susong Award - Please vote!

Still time to vote!

We're now accepting votes for who is most deserving of the Greg Susong award for 2018. (See below for list in alphabetical order).

The official ballot is available on the club's website:

Please note - you must be a club member to submit a vote.

Ballots can be submitted via email ( or sent via snail-mail.

Deadline is May 15th.

Please do not submit your votes on this forum. In order to be counted, you must send use the email address or mail it in.

Let's continue to honor Greg's legacy and vote for the person who've you think contributed the most to our great hobby during 2018.

John Kallman: John is constantly involved in the club by manually uploading information regarding chips and other casino memorabilia onto the club’s website. He is also constantly supplying articles for the club magazine. He has been a previous librarian for the club. John has also written numerous reference books covering casino chip specific areas.

Doug Saito: Has tables at every major show, his vast knowledge of Nevada & California chips and his many auctions throughout the year are vital to this hobby.

Jay Sands: He has always been a fantastic contributor to our club without enough appreciation shown to him! Jay has been an officer several times. He is the chief contributor to the editions of “The Chip Rack” & “The Gaming Table” since SSS became owners. Jay Sands deserves much more recognition.

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