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Approaching 12,000 listings on Delcampe!

I'm added several slot cards to my Delcampe listings ever few days as I continue to go through a collection I acquired a few months ago that encompasses over 17 large boxes of mostly slot cards and room keys. I'm now approaching over 12,000 slot card related listings on Delcampe, all individually listed cards so you can pick and choose exactly what you need and just what you need. If you have an account on Delcampe you can buy there OR I can still buy and sell directly. If you have an account on Delcampe, you can get a daily email notice showing what slot cards I've added whenever I add something (let me know if you need help setting it up). If you don't have a Delcampe account, I can setup an email bulletin for you if you want to keep up on the latest additions. I do have the ability now to show just rarer card listings (those valued $10 or more in the guide) or just foreign card listings. There are links on my own website ( ) to those listings. Most rarer cards are discounted 30-40% off the guide prices and I'm certainly will to deal or trade. Just let me know what you're interested in and we'll see what we can work out. If you're looking for anything specific, just let me know. I can send links to specific cards or even custom searches/listings. I do have over 1,000 hotel room key cards listed on Delcampe and I should be adding more room keys eventually but I'm trying to concentrate on going through the slot cards in this collection right now. I already have over 100,000 slot card doubles, not counting what's in these latest boxes.

Here's a link to my slot card listings

I also have a lot of coupons and other miscellanous paper items listed elsewhere on Delcampe.

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Approaching 12,000 listings on Delcampe!

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