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Maryland Live! Casino - Reorganized!

After picking up a ton of cards at the Maryland Live! Casino I wound up slightly reorganizing the slot card listings. Turns out the expiration dates were being printed by the casino and not from the card manufacturer. But there are new cards with new logos on the back that no longer include Maryland in the logo. The base red Classic level card is still unchanged ever since the 3rd issue while the higher level cards have gone through a series of different logos on the back - oval logo at right, text logo with "Maryland Live! Casino" at the right, then "Live! Casino Hotel Maryland" and finally just "Live! Casino Hotel".

The cards at Maryland Live! come in 6 levels - red Classic, gold, silver, black, blue Chairman and green Jade. If anyone can help with scans for any cards we're missing on the ChipGuide after the changes go live it would be appreciated.

Here's scans of the latest cards that I just picked up, note that the silver foil printing on the silver card was worn off

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