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Updated Rarer Slot Card Doubles - Over 900 Listed!

I recently finished updating all my rarer slot card doubles (those cards valued at $10 or more in the guide), adding newly found cards and then updating prices and re-organizing all of the rarer cards on my Delcampe store. They're all still listed on my own website ( but with the Montana cards listed on a separate page ( and rarer foreign cards only listed on Delcampe now.

Here's a link to the Delcampe listings of all the rarer cards in one place with over 900 cards currently listed - including the Montana and foreign cards. If you want to search for a specific casino or anything else using the Delcampe search, keep the "[RSC]" tag in the search string so you limit your search to just the rarer cards. Prices are marked down about 30-40% from the catalog prices in most cases. And don't forget you don't need to buy through Delcampe, I can still sell or trade directly and I'm always open to offers.

By the way, any of the Montana cards without barcodes on them that were manufacturer sample cards have been marked down to $5 each on Delcampe if you want any to fill slots in your collection.

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