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Over 360 Foreign Slot Cards Available

I just updated all my foreign slot card listings on Delcampe and finished moving everything I had on my own website so everything is now listed on Delcampe. Plus I've added a bunch of newly acquired doubles, updated prices, cleaned up listings, etc. Don't forget you don't have to buy on Delcampe I can still sell or trade directly if you just give me a list of links to the listing pages on Delcampe. Just copy the website address (URL) from the listing page and paste them into an email. That way I can click on the link in the email message and see the exact item you're interested in.

Here's a link that provides a custom search that shows just the foreign cards

If you want to search for anything specific in the foreign card listings, just keep the [FSC] and add whatever else you want to search for in the search field.

If you have any questions on anything or need help finding something specific just let me know.

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