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Hard Rock Las Vegas Issues

We originally had issues 9 through 11 listed for the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, NV with the packing crate design. The 9th issue had the web address on the back, right under the text, then the 10th issue moved the website address down to the bottom left corner, and the 11th issue changed all the reverse text to be centered.

Turns out there was another issue between the 10th and 11th issues that no one notice or reported until now. On what was the 10th issue cards, there are two different logos on the front.... the first was Hard Rock Casino and the second was Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. So the 10th issue cards were split into the 10th and 11th issues with the different logos and the original 11th issue was renumbered as the 12th.

The listings on the ChipGuide should reflect the changes by tomorrow.

In the 10th issue we have the General Admission, Entourage, Platinum Access and the unissued Nirvana cards listed.

In the new 11th issue we have the General Admission, Entourage and Multi-Platinum Access cards listed

In the new 12th issue we only have the Multi-Platinum Access card listed.

If anyone has any other levels in any of these issues that we're missing please submit scans so we can get them added.

Here's scans of the 10th and 11th issue General Admission cards, the backs are identical!

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