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Over 600 cards added to my Delcampe Store

I've added over 600 new slot card listings to my Delcampe store over the past 5-6 weeks and I'm still adding more every day or two as I continue to work my way through the boxes of cards from the last collection I acquired back in April. There's over 10,600 cards currently listed, all with buy-it-now prices so no auction bidding involved and the items are always there with no expiration. Plus I can still deal direct with trades or purchases.

Plus I still have a few tokens (including a bunch of fractional tokens) and chips left from that same collection

And for room key collectors, I have over 850 hotel room key cards listed that includes casinos & regular hotels although you can use the search to see just the casino cards or specific hotels if need be.

Lots of other stuff listed if you go to the main store and browse the different categories. Plus I still have a bunch of unlisted stuff that includes boxes of TITOs, a large quantity of bungie cord clips, pens, swizzle sticks and more. Contact me for more info.

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