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I think I found the perfect scanner for cards

After literally destroying multiple HP all-in-one scanners scanning slot cards I think I've finally found the ideal replacement. Keep in mind that I've probably uploaded over 30,000 scans to the ChipGuide and saved over 140,000 scans for my own collection database over the years.

I previously was using an HP All-in-One Officejet Pro with a legal-sized scanner bed for scanning slot cards for the ChipGuide and for cataloging my collection. For single cards, I'd have to do 2 separate scans for the front and back, then crop each image. For multiple cards, I could scan 12 cards at once, one side at a time. Then I had a program that would cut and paste the columns of scans to create two pages with the fronts and backs together for a column of 6 cards. Those are the images I've been using on my trading website. However, over time the plastic cards would cause severe scratching to the glass plate in the scanner which cannot be replaced easily if at all.

I've also been using a Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 portable feed-thru scanner for scanning everyday paperwork, receipts, etc. since that was a lot quicker with it's double sided scanning in B&W or color. Plus it handles smaller things like receipts much easier than the HP. The only problem was that my Fujitsu scanner was starting to have issues with the feed rollers so I was looking to upgrade to a newer and faster desktop scanner to replace it since I use it so much around the house. I finally settled on a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 scanner and just got it a few days ago.

Well much to my surprise, the ScanSnap iX500 is also rated for scanning plastic ID cards like driver licenses, credit cards and SLOT CARDS! I didn't see that fact mentioned anywhere in the specs when I ordered it. This scanner is rated at 25 pages per minute in full color at 200dpi and double sided on a single pass. When scanning paper, the automatic document feeder handles 50 pages. The scanner can actually do up to 600dpi for higher quality when needed but 200dpi is just about perfect for cards.

I now have a scanning profile set up that scans both sides of the cards in 200dpi full color and automatically crops and rotates the images. It automatically saves the files to my computer with separate files for the front and back with an automatic file naming convention. And as an added bonus the document feeder even handles multiple cards too.

Now scanning cards for my own collection database, the ChipGuide or online auctions is a snap, only taking a few seconds for each card. Now I'll just have to see how long this new scanner holds up compared to the HP units.

Copyright 2017 David Spragg