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Latest Slot Card Guide Released (13.2 Ed.)

I just finalized the latest release of the Slot Card Guide and it's now available for download from my website ( ). This is the 13.2 Edition and now includes info on over 20,900 cards. That's over 460 new additions since the last release 3 months ago! I believe that's the largest increase in listings for any given quarter since I've been doing the free electronic downloads.

Check the notes page near the front of the guide for information on general updates in this release.

One thing in particular is that the hyperlinks from the casino names to the ChipGuide listings were originally set so that they automatically opened the casino's player card (slot card) section. There were a few issues with that scheme over time after there were changes on the ChipGuide, so I've updated all those hyperlinks to open your default page for the casinos. From there you can easily close all sections and then open the slot card section if that's all you're after. I manually checked all of the casino hyperlinks and fixed a few problems that were discovered while doing all the changes. There is a chance I missed something or messed something up, so if you encounter any issues with the casino hyperlinks (or any hyperlinks for that matter), please let me know what you ran into and I'll try to fix it for the next release.

There were a few other areas that were slightly reorganized after some older cards were discovered that were not already in the guide. Most of those areas are listed in the general notes at the front of the guide.

As usual, any donations to help cover costs would be greatly appreciated and I'll send a portion of any donations over to Davidd Spragg to help with the SlotCardBBS. Web hosting costs have gone up and now running over $60 for every six months to provide free copies of the Slot Card Guide online.

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