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Changes to Wynn/Encore LV Listings in the Guides

Just a heads-up concerning some changes being made to the guides....

Most of the listed slot cards from the Wynn and Encore casinos in Las Vegas were actually resort ID cards with multiple uses throughout the casino. They were mainly used as hotel room key cards, although they were also used as players club cards in the casino. The more recent cards that say "RED CARD" are truly dedicated players club or slot cards that are ONLY used in the casino and are not room keys. We've decided to relist the ID cards under room keys with a note that they were also used as players club cards, and then list just the casino specific cards under slot cards. A note is being added in both sections on the ChipGuide and in the Slot Card Guide to help explain the card listings. This will get the Wynn/Encore LV cards listed the same way we did the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas, the cruise ships, etc. to be more consistent with how these dual-purpose cards are listed in the guides. Plus it helps eliminate duplicate listings in separate sections of the ChipGuide for the exact same card.

The changes to the ChipGuide should appear tomorrow or the day after.

The Slot Card Guide changes will appear in the next release that should be sometime this weekend.

The the same cards are still listed, it's just HOW they're listed in the guides that has changed.

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Changes to Wynn/Encore LV Listings in the Guides
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