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2017 OTY Awards Balloting Time!....

While running a bit late, there is still time to vote in the OTY Awards for 2017.

But first, some news...

First and foremost, I have decided to relinquish my OTY Awards Chairman duties for the 2018 contest and beyond. If anyone is interested in picking up this volunteer position, please contact me at my email address, or let me know during the Convention. I will be happy to explain the process, expectations, and responsibilities and pass your offer along to Club leadership for a potential appointment.

I have considered my appointment in this role as an honor, and now after 16 years, I believe it is time to pass this torch along to another member.

In other OTY news, I have placed the Silver Strike of the Year (SSOTY) contest on hiatus, just as was done with Token of the Year (TOTY). This is being done for several reasons, not the least of which, was that there were less than 10 different Silver Strikes submitted for 2017 SSOTY consideration. Additionally, only 1 casino was represented by those few nominations and, with the introduction of silver clad strikes and stickered imagery, the popularity of Silver Strikes is way down. Accordingly, the SSOTY category is on hiatus, as opposed to being eliminated, with the hope that current efforts to revitalize the Silver Strike Program will result in an increased interest.

In this post, there are 2 images. The first is that of the 10 Slot Cards/Room Keys up for Card/Key of the Year (CKOTY) for 2017, followed by the 10 gaming chips up for Chip of the Year (COTY) 2017 consideration. Each candidate is denoted with a letter reference. I will soon publish an "Official 2017 OTY Ballot" but for those who wish to get a jump on voting, here are the guidelines.

1. You must be a member in good standing of the Club.
2. You may pick 1, 2 or 3 nominees from both categories.
Your #1 pick will receive 5 points.
Your #2 pick will receive 3 points.
Your #3 pick will receive 2 points.
3. Email me your selections in this format: ( )
COTY: P, W, M,
or, wait for the "Official 2017 Ballot" to be published and send via a scan, or snailmail. If mailing, I MUST receive it on or before Saturday June 16.
4. Otherwise, the deadline for submissions is June 17 (Sunday) by midnight, PST.

Please do not vote as a reply message here.
Please feel free to ask questions.

2017 CKOTY Nominees:

2017 COTY Nominees:

Jim Follis
OTY Awards Chairman

Copyright 2017 David Spragg