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13th Edition of the Slot Card Guide just Released

I just posted the 13th Edition of the Slot Card Guide to my website at

This release now lists 20,285 cards, almost 300 new additions since the least release. Both Microsoft Word (.docx) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) versions are available of the new file along with many of the previous versions. Some slight house keeping this release includes a few moves under Grand Victoria Elgin, IL, Menominee Casino and Mocha Clubs in Macau China. Plus the latest Social Club cards from the Seneca casinos in Allegany, Buffalo Creek and Niagara are in fact generic cards with the same cards used at all three locations. So a new Seneca Gaming Corp. listing was created for the common cards so they are now listed all in one place.

If you find the Slot Card Guide useful your donations to help cover the rising web hosting costs would be greatly appreciated. Plus I'm splitting a portion of any donations received with David to help cover the costs for this board. There's a link on the Slot Card Guide website where you can make a quick donation via PayPal.

For what it's worth, I'm somehow still maintaining around an 84% coverage of all cards worldwide. I'm currently missing just a little over 3,100 cards from the 20,285 cards listed in the latest release. With all the numerous variations I save, including player# prefixes, different mag stripes, stickers, colors and many more, I now have over 66,000 different cards in my actual collection and probably over 100,000 doubles. A large portion of my doubles (probably 7,000+ different cards) are listed on my trading website ( and on my Delcampe store with additional coupons and other miscellaneous items included on Delcampe as well. Room keys and gift cards are no longer listed on my trading website, they're now only listed on Delcampe. Anything listed on either site is available for sale or trade. My trading website has links to my Delcampe store to make things easier to find, plus you can use the Delcampe search features to easily find things of interest. You do not have to buy things from my Delcampe listings, I can still sell or trade direct anything listed there. Just email me the URL web address links to the items of interest and we can work something out.

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