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Re: Total Rewards LIFE/Elvis/Larry Foyt

The cards you mentioned are special issue (XX) cards and are listed at the end of the Harrah's cards in the Universal section of the Slot Card Guide. The cards are listed there since they are used at multiple locations and not one specific casino.

The LIFE card is XX2 followed by the two versions of the Elvis card as XX3 with and without a signature stripe. These are all copyright 2002.

The Larry Floyt race car cards in Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels are the XX4 cards and copyright 2003.

In the most recent 12.3 edition of the Slot Card Guide these are listed on page 308.

If you are looking for them on the ChipGuide, the easiest way to get to the Harrah's generic cards is to go to the ChipGuide home page and click on the OTHER STUFF button under the US map. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Casino Management entry under Other Stuff. In the Casino Management list you should find the Harrah's Generic listing about half way down. Here's a link that will get you there directly:

When you get the Harrah's Generic listing, if the Players Club (Slot) Cards section is not open, click the green plus sign at the left of that entry to expand the listing. The special issue (XX) cards will be near the end, following the regular issue cards.

Hope that helps

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Total Rewards LIFE/Elvis/Larry Foyt
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Thank you!

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