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Here's Slot Card Guide Values

The current slot card guide lists the Grand as a fairly common card, worth around $2-3 from the early to mid 1990's

The Sands card is hard to find and I actually need that one, valued around $25 with the palm tree logo on the back and that SCC manufacturer mark. Age is probably mid to late 1990's

Top World is another hard to find card and another one I've been looking for, valued around $15. Not sure on exact age but probably around the same as the others.

If you have other cards you want info on you can get a free download of the latest Slot Card Guide at and then just click on the CG# for any card to check the image to see if the card matches if you're not sure from the guide description. If you need help just let me know.

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Here's Slot Card Guide Values
Thanks Bob !
the sands
What's the mfg# on bottom card?
s 5191
Thanks for checking.
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