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Tons of Foreign Slot Cards added to the Guides

I've been adding a ton of new found foreign slot cards to the ChipGuide and the Slot Card Guide over the past few days. I haven't been posting info here on those cards as I've never gotten any response when I've asked if anyone was interested. If you get the daily email from the ChipGuide news service that would show all the latest updates and additions so you'd be sure to see ALL the new slot cards as they're listed. If you're a member of the CC>CC the email service is free to members, just go to the ChipGuide website and sign up for the ChipGuide News Service. Once signed up you can select just those categories of casino memorabilia you're interested in and limit the emails to cover just the things you want.

The next Slot Card Guide release will have all the new additions up to the day it's released in early April!

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