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Changes to the Atlantis Bahamas Slot Card Listings

Many of the later cards used at the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas are in fact resort ID cards used for many purposes, including hotel room key and player reward functions in the slots and on the tables. So the Slot Card Guide and the listings on the ChipGuide were recently updated to eliminate a lot of duplication and make it easier to find the cards.

The earlier casino specific cards are still listed under the Player Rewards Cards on the ChipGuide and have the usual card issue numbers in the Slot Card Guide. The later resort ID cards are listed under the room keys on the ChipGuide and have been given unique IDxx numbers to identify the issues and link them with listings in the Slot Card Guide. A note was added under the ChipGuide Player Rewards Cards directing users to the room key listings for the later resort ID cards. A few earlier actual hotel room keys are listed on the ChipGuide before the resort ID cards.

The Slot Card Guide now lists the casino specific cards first followed by the multi-purpose resort ID cards so that all the cards that could be used in the casino are covered.

The changes in the Slot Card Guide will be available shortly when I release the new update in a few weeks, sometime around April 1st. Most of the ChipGuide changes are already live although there are a few slight changes that should appear by tomorrow.

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