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New found card from Chumash Casino in Calif

Newly found red Indulge Signature slot card from Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, CA has different text on the reverse. On the previously listed Signature level card the last line in the reverse paragraph started with "promotion.." while this newly found card starts with "Cardholder...". I noticed that several of the higher level Chumash cards had different text from the red Signature card but it's unclear if they were different due to the levels or we have different issues intermixed. If anyone has any Chumash cards with different text on the back from what we have listed for the later issues please let me know and send scans so we can update the guides.

Here's scans of the latest card just picked up at the casino last week...

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New found card from Chumash Casino in Calif
Casino still using older higher level cards

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