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This is why the scans were added to the ChipGuide

Cards like these are exactly why all the slot card scans were added to the ChipGuide over the past 2 years. There are bound to be additional cards out there that may have met the published text descriptions in the guide but may have actually been slightly different cards. Without having the scans of the cards it's impossible to determine if a card was in fact the actually listed card or something different. Now that we have scans available for a vast majority of the cards it makes it easier to discover previously unlisted cards and get them added to the guides. Over time the guides become more complete as these cards get reported. So please report anything you can't find listed or if you have scans for cards that do not yet have scans on the ChipGuide. The more people helping and reporting cards the better the guides become so thanks in advance for everyone's help.

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Looks like another variation of 5th issue
This is why the scans were added to the ChipGuide

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