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Extra! We Need Your 2023 OTY Awards Votes!

Hey CCA’ers,

Our 2023 CCA OTY Awards candidates have been decided by you, and now it’s time for all you dedicated Members to send me your votes! Thank you to all who chose these fantastic nominees, and thanks to those that have already sent in your votes. This annual contest would not be possible without your continued participation and your love for our hobby! For those members that have not chosen your favorite collectibles from 2023 yet, please take a few moments and send in your votes as soon as you can!

Here are the rules and details to vote in the CCA OTY Award contest:

1. Each CCA member in good standing is permitted to cast a vote for up to 3 nominees in each of the 3 open OTY categories. We have a weighted point system that will determine the final winners:

• Your 1st place vote will be given FIVE (5) points.
• Your 2nd place vote will be given THREE (3) points.
• Your 3rd place vote will be given ONE (1) point.
• You may only vote for an individual nominee 1 time in each category. You are not permitted to use all your votes for 1 choice to gain more points for your favorite collectible item.

2. Please specify your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place choices in each category that you wish to vote in individually (COTY, SSOTY, and CKOTY), and match them with the corresponding letters for the item that you are voting for from the final nominee list and the corresponding pictures below.

3. Please remember to include your CCA member number.

The casino chip, Silver Strike and player’s card/room key that earns the most total points in each category after all the of your votes have been counted will be crowned our victors and earn the honors of becoming our 2023 CCA OTY Award winners! A single point could determine the difference between the final winners or the a honorable mention. If you wish for your favorite casino collectible to win, cast your votes wisely and make sure they count! Our 2023 CCA OTY Award champions will be decided by you!

Please email your votes to or

Our deadline to submit votes for this year will be midnight CST on Sunday, April 21st. That date will come quickly, so send me your votes as soon as you can!

Our final 2023 champions will be announced at our upcoming CCA Convention in June. I can’t wait to discover what winners you choose, and to share the final news with you at the show. I hope you all enjoy choosing your favorite collectibles from our nominees and casting your votes! Please get your votes in now!

Kind regards,

Trey Warren
CCA OTY Chairman

2023 CCA COTY Nominees:

A. $1 Riverwind Casino Oklahoma Thunder Chip: Norman, OK.
B. $1 Running Aces Harness Park House Chip: Columbus, MN.
C. $1 Caesar’s Virginia House Chip: Danville, VA.
D. $5 Carnival Cruise Line Wet Chip: Carnival Cruise Lines
E. $5 El Cortez Hotel Gambling Since 1941 Chip: Las Vegas, NV.
F. $5 Choctaw Casino & Resort Texas Rangers Chip: Durant, OK.
G. $5 Carnival Player’s Club Free Play/No Cash Value Wet Chip: Carnival Cruise Lines
H. $5 Rampart Casino 2023 Year of the Rabbit Chip: Las Vegas, NV.
I. $5 Downtown Grand, Downtown Grand Prix Chip: Las Vegas, NV.
J. $5 Sky River Casino 2023 Year of the Rabbit Chip: Elk Grove, CA.

2023 CCA SSOTY Nominees:

A. $10 Welcome to Fabulous Downton Las Vegas Silver Strike: Plaza, Las Vegas, NV.
B. $10 Witch with Owl & Crow Silver Strike: Four Queens, Las Vegas, NV.
C. $10 Halloween Skeleton Silver Strike: Four Queens, Las Vegas, NV.
D. $10 Christmas Snowman Silver Strike: Four Queens, Las Vegas, NV.

2023 CCA CKOTY Nominees:

A. Joey Logano LV 400 Champion Room Key: South Point Casino, Las Vegas, NV.
B. Just Win Baby Las Vegas Raiders Player’s Card, Orleans/Boyd Gaming (Multi Locations), Las Vegas, NV.
C. Kansas City Chiefs Player’s Card, Harrah’s/Caesars Rewards (Multi Locations), Las Vegas, NV.
D. Mecum Auctions Vintage Motorcycle Room Key: South Point Casino, Las Vegas, NV.
E. Fontainbleau Rewards Bleau Player’s Card: Fontainbleau, Las Vegas, NV.

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