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Archie-I received Jim Silva's NON Casino Key RR --
In Response To: Domino's has casinos???? grin ()

Today and believe what you wish, I was able to pick up over 20 new key's. It was the BEST RR I ever recieved and not one was Casino related, and yes I got even 4 new Domino's. In a Casino Key RR or a Shotgun I'm lucky to get from 0-7 new ones, mostly variations. That is the reason it's so Damn hard for me to trade with you. If it wasn't for the Harrah's properties and their Union problems I would not be owning you 2 Keys-How many Domino's will settle us???? Have a grrrrr8 weekend. Ron R-3110

PS-Anyone reading this I'm a Marriott time share owner[3] and love those Marriott keys. I have "Owner" Grand Vista Orlando and many others for trade.

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Anybody have any Domino's for trade????
Domino's has casinos???? grin want to blow it???
Archie-I received Jim Silva's NON Casino Key RR --
That's because.................
That's terrific Ron ....

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