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for trade Mohegan Sun Slot Card 8 variations for trade

I took a look at the Mohegan Sun slot cards I have and found the following 4 variations of the front (shown in the left column):

  • The top left card (to the best of my knowledge) is by far the most readily available card. It has an orange band across the bottom with a design in the band
  • The one beneath it has a plain yellow band across the bottom
  • The 2 below that have have a plain orange band with one having white text and the other having black text

The card on the top has at least 5 different backs that I am aware of. I have depicted them in the right column:

  • The top 2 cards both have the "Authorized Signature" text on the upper left. The top one does NOT have the circle-T trademark symbol in the lower left, the 2nd one down does have the circle-T trademark symbol. To the best of my knowledge, these are by far the most readily available versions
  • The 3rd thru 5th cards do NOT have the "Authorized Signature" text on the upper left, but all have the circle-T trademark symbol
  • The 3rd card down is distinguished from the 4th card down by the text
  • The 4th card down has different text
  • The 5th card down has the same text as the 4th card, but has a "Problem Gambling Hotline" phone number across the top

I would not be surprised if there are other variations out there, but thought I would share what I have noticed. If you have any interest in trading for any of these, please let me know as they are available for trade.

Happy Holidays...Jim

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