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Secret Santa Casino Room Key Swap

Secret Santa Casino Room Key Swap

Happy holidays everyone! To celebrate this time of year, I thought it would be fun to have a “Secret Santa” room key swap again this year. All you need is 10 extra casino room keys to participate and the process is pretty simple:

- I will be taking the names and addresses of those interested by email only. Email your name and mailing address to me at on or before December 5th. Be certain to email me your current mailing address when you ask to participate.

- Each participant will get to be the “Secret Santa” for another participant as chosen at random after December 5th. I will email you the name and address of the person you are to send your 10 keys to and the keys are to be mailed no later than December 10th.

- You will only receive the name of the person you are sending your keys to, and the person sending keys to you will be a secret (they will be your Secret Santa).

- This swap is only for casino related room keys and is only open to mailing addresses in the United States.

While the requirement is that the room keys are casino related, if you have several extras the person you’re sending your keys to might enjoy them even more if they were related to their areas of interest. Checking my list of collectors interests at might help you choose keys they will like.

Happy holidays!


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