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Important Info regarding Greg's web boards:

Prior to Greg's treatment last year, he did ask if I would be willing to be responsible for making sure his websites continued on in case something bad happened during his treatments and surgeries. He had prepared a packet of info to be mailed to me as a precaution. I know that my willness to help comforted Greg as it was one less thing he had to worry about going into his treatments.

It was fantastic that Greg responded to treatment and survived his surgeries. As a result we were all blessed with continuing our friendship with Greg and seeing him again at the club convention. That also meant, the packet he prepared never got mailed as he didn’t require any assistance from me.

When Carol, Greg's Wife, called the other day with the news, she brought this topic up and we discussed it for only a brief moment. She also called me late last night and we discussed it again. I communicated to her that I never got the info that Greg had prepared. She said she would try to locate it. I told her that I didn’t think there was any rush on that as she has lots of other things obviously on her mind right now.

David Spragg has also communicated with me as he does have some administration privileges into Greg’s servers. This is blessing for us as I have absolutely no access to any of Greg’s sites right now. As a result, if there is a technical glitch with any of the websites, I am powerless to do anything. I’ve told David that we’ll be looking for his assistance to help us keep them going. Especially here in the short term.

As far as the long term goes… I totally agree that it is of major importance that Greg’s sites continue on. I also believe that they should continue on without any changes whatsoever. He had these sites setup to work in a particular fashion, and I believe it’s important that any transition of responsibility for keeping the sites running be as transparent as possible.

With that said, hopefully we can keep them running at their existing physical location as long as possible. This would give us time to figure out what needs to be done long term and come up with a game plan for moving forward. There are many questions that need to be answered in regards to lease agreements in place and how long we can use the servers that he has in place, etc.

As far as my technical expertise in taking on this task… I hope I am up to the challenge. I do believe it will be a collective effort from others in our hobby. Without a doubt, we will need the continued assistance of all of the volunteers that help monitor spam to ensure the board is not cluttered up junk messages. Mr. Spragg will also be an asset for us in the immediate future in case of a glitch.

I know there are others that participate in our hobby that also have technical experience that might be asked to step forward to assist. I believe as a group, we all can contribute to make sure Greg’s legacy continues on through his websites.

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Important Info regarding Greg's web boards:

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