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Extra! Want one of these AWESOME $25 Plaques !!!!

Only one way to get them is to Pre-Register for the Convention for a chance to win.

8 More plaques will be given away to lucky winners this year and only 16 people have won them in the past 2 years.

Plaques are all numbered and #18 thru #25 will be given away at the 2022 convention.

To win you must:

1) Pre-Register for the convention
2) Find the Purple card in your Pre-Registration package
3) Put your name on the special raffle ticket
4) Deposit the ticket in the raffle drum at the raffle table

4 Winners will be drawn Thursday at 2:00 and 4 more on Friday at 2:00
YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN when your name is called and you have 10 minutes to claim your plaque.

Any person who is not present at the drawings at 2:00 each day will forfeit and we will draw another name for those in attendance.

Copyright 2022 David Spragg