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Newly Discovered Gulfstream Park Cards from Fla

Originally we have 2 variations of the 2nd issue Good Luck Player's Club BRONZE level cards from the Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, FL and the descriptions were based on the positioning of the front logo. I think I found a better way to document the variations based on the height of the reverse text from top to bottom. On one card the text is 33 mm top to bottom while it's 31mm top to bottom on the other. What prompted the changes was the discovery of other levels with the same variations.... They exist for both the GOLD and PLATINUM levels as well as the originally documented BRONZE level. To make it easier to document in the guides, I've split them into 2a and 2b issues. One other thing you'll notice between the 2a and 2b issues is that the punched hole is higher on the 2b issues.

Here's scans of the new found Gold and Platinum levels with the 31mm text that would be the 2b issue.

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Newly Discovered Gulfstream Park Cards from Fla
Had to delete the 2a Gold issue

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