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Quechan Casino Calif Red Q VIP Card

The originally listed red Q VIP cards from Quechan and Paradise Casinos in California only had 4 lines of text at the top of the reverse and the last line indicated the card was valid from August 2009 to January 2010. I now have a similar card that has 7 lines of text on the back and no email addresses that matches the 4th issue black Q Club card already listed. While there I noticed a few cards were out of place (the silver Q VIP should have been 2nd issue instead of 1st) and thought I might as well clean things up. I separated the 2 black cards listed as 4th issue into 4th and 5th issues and renumbered the old 5th issue Players Rewards Club cards as the 6th issue. Everything looks a lot better now and changes should be live on the ChipGuide tomorrow. Slot Card Changes will be in the next release around October 1st.

Here's scans of the new found red card

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