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for sale Casino room keys 10 for $10 postpaid #129

It's time to have more fun...

This is 10 for $10 group #129

For sale - 10 used casino room keys -- all 10 keys for $10.00 postpaid in the U.S. ($15.00 shipped outside the U.S.). In some cases, I will list additional information about certain keys in the description. Be sure to look at each posting as some very nice keys may (ok...will ) slip into some of the messages. I hope to make this a great chance to add to your collections...or even your trader binders.

I've heard various rumors about the Bacardi Golden Nugget Laughlin key regarding its rarity. I've only seen the one, but for all I know, it's more common than some may believe. Are there a lot of them out there or is this a real tough key to get?

Please note: If you buy any of these groups, please wait until I email you with a total before paying as I'm hoping to list several groups over several days (and would like to ship them all at once)

If you're interested, hang a sold sign and I'll contact you with payment information. Thanks! Jim

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for sale Casino room keys 10 for $10 postpaid #129
Re: for sale Casino room keys 10 for $10 postpaid #12
Stan got you this time Ken grin
Ken 1...Stan 1 grin

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