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Grand Victoria Elgin Morning Club Cards Reorganize

The guide previously had a note after all the Morning Club cards from the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, IN that many of the cards had different Valid Thru or Expiration dates but they were not specifically listed. When looking at those cards the dates were actually printed by the card manufacturer, usually on the back of the card. And in some cases the front design or layout on the card is slightly different on cards with different dates. Therefore, I went back and individually documented all the known Valid Thru or Expiration dates for each card and added scans on the ChipGuide where needed from cards I have in my collection. I kept the cards grouped by color then listed in chronological order by the expiration dates. There's not a lot or additions but it makes the documentation much more complete. The reorganized data should be live on the ChipGuide tomorrow or the day after along with the newly added scans. If you have any cards with other expiration dates that are not included please submit scans or send them to me so we can get them all documented.

Oh, and by the way, I found a red Morning Club card with the TM after the reverse logo that was not previously in the guides. That's what started all this!


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