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Extra! Last Week for 2019 CCA OTY Voting!

Hello Again CCA’ers,

I hope that everyone is staying safe and doing well! Over the last few weeks I have received many votes for the 2019 CCA OTY Awards. Thank you to all of our voters so far, I appreciate you sending me your favorite picks! I have really enjoyed watching the leaders switch in all categories and seeing everyone’s choices. This will be a close race to determine the winners!

If you want to get in on the fun, the deadline for voting is fast approaching, this coming Sunday, May 17th at midnight, so please get your votes to me! You can always tip the scale to put one of your favorites in the winner’s circle!

Here’s a quick summary of voting rules:

Each member is allowed to vote for 3 nominees in each of the 3 open OTY categories. We have a weighted point system that will determine the final winners.

• Your 1ST place vote will be awarded FIVE (5) points.
• Your 2ND place vote will be awarded THREE (3) points.
• Your 3RD place vote will be awarded ONE (1) point.
• You can only vote for 1 nominee once in each category. You are not permitted to use all of your votes for 1 choice.

The item in each category that earns the most points after all the of the votes have been counted will be crowned the victor and earn the 2019 CCA OTY honors. Consider your favorites and cast your votes wisely, just 1 point could decide our next winner!

Here are our 2019 CCA OTY Award finalists:

Please send me your 1ST, 2ND, & 3RD place picks indicated by the matching letter and specify each category that you are voting on. I have 2 different email addresses that you may send your votes to, &

As indicated in our last newsletter, the winners will be announced on June 17th on our online forums, followed by the next issues of our magazine & newsletter.

I hope that everyone continues to stay safe and if you are home that you are enjoying some time with your families and getting some projects done. I look forward to seeing all your favorite picks this week, keep the votes coming!

Trey Warren
CCA OTY Chairman

Copyright 2020 David Spragg