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ChipGuide Announcement - This is Big!

It is time to make the announcement. In a few days the 250,000th item will be added to the ChipGuide. It is an incredible COMMUNITY achievement. Collectors went through their collections to find items that were not on the ChipGuide and scanned them and submitted the images. ChipGuide Admins processed the submissions. The CCA and the MoGH host the ChipGuide website. Everyone was involved and everyone benefits. There is probably not another hobby like Casino Collectibles in the world, you should all be proud of this achievement.

To commemorate the event, a special chip is being produced, only 100 will be made, each with a serial#. The chips are available as a fund raiser for the MoGH. They are only $10 each, $15 if you want a specific serial#, first come first server. I am personally having the chip produced and paying for it myself. If you want a chip, email me with your request and let me know if you want a serial#. After you make a donation to the MoGH, I will mail you the chip. I will pay for the mailing also. The MoGH will get the entire donation. And by the way, if you want to donate more than the minimum amount, that's OK. If you use the ChipGuide, please step up and order a chip, be a part of our history. Thanks.

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